About Persephone Consulting B.V.

Persephone Consulting B.V. was founded in 2014 using the Uniforce construction. I have been living and working in the Netherlands for more than five years, however decided to form a B.V. as a result of the changes in legistlation and taxation.


Perspehone Consulting B.V.

Albardagracht 66F

1067DZ. Amsterdam

Email: info@persephone.biz

Telephone: +31.631.554.972.


BTW: NL 8542 4494 3B01

The history of Persephone Consulting B.V.

Persephone Consulting B.V. is based in Amsterdam and was established in 2012. This company operates as a DuBV under the Uniforce construction. This means that I can offer my clients a VUR (Verklaring of Uniforce Registratie) which is fuly compliant with Belastindienst rules and replaces the traditional VAR which relies upon self-registration.

Prior to coming to the Netherlands in 2009 I operated a UK limited company (Mediatech Limited) from 1987 to 2009.My UK clients included a Barclays, BarclayCard, HBOS, HMRC, ITSA, Lloyds bank, Natwest Offshore, RBS, and many other blue-chip companies.