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Persephone BV specialises in Linux administration, installation, automation, performance, and security delivering secure and efficient systems and workloads.

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The IT world is now changing faster than ever and businesses are rushing to put everything into the cloud new phrases such as “server-hugging” and “software as a service” are now headed almost everywhere. Whilst I do understand that businesses are under increasing pressure to continually cut costs, the race to the cloud is not without risk. A good example of this is the recent events at Sony and Microsoft where a small number of people with what seems to be limited resources have managed to cause massive global disruption that has affected more than a million gamers. This coupled with people’s blind trust in everything that presents itself on a web page, or in an email inbox seems to offer criminals almost limitless opportunities.

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The IT industry is undergoing massive change as businesses have migrated from virtualization to containerization, and from on-premise to hybrid or cloud-only.
More than 31% of organizations globally have already migrated their production IT operations to the Cloud-enabling them to move their IT expenditure from Capex to Opex, or to a fixed-price service contract. They are also adopting Agile and CI/CD-based operations.
Managers often race to the Cloud as they assume that it is cheaper and easier and that it looks after itself. Nothing could be further from the truth and Cloud customers often receive a huge shock as the bill is far larger than expected.
Whilst there are many positive reasons for moving to the Cloud, there are also a lot of new challenges as Cloud vendors offer a “shared security” model which means they are responsible for their availability of their infrastructure but are not responsible for the security of customer workloads, apps, or data. This means that the customer is responsible for securing their applications and data, and for protecting themselves and their clients from attack or data loss.
Security teams are now rushing to catch-up and to control and manage new threats posed by containers and off-the-shelf cloud workloads.